I am a woodworker, about 20 years ago I dove into guitar building.  The main reason for this was the price of a quality guitar.  The facts are that
every guitar is built from the same material yet there are major differences in the play-ability of the guitars on the market.
I wanted to create an affordable guitar that played as good as the best guitars out there.
I spent years creating great guitars learning everything I could about the subtle changes and the differences in the sound of the guitars.
I dove into Acoustics,  What an awesome experience.  Taking a piece of lumber and turn it into a beautiful instrument.
I spent several years trying to keep everything exactly the same so I could repeat over and over but I found that it didn't work.  As large
manufacturers do, they repeat the same process on every guitar and expect the guitar to be the best it can be.  That doesn't work.  I ended up
with flat and bland sounding guitar.  
So I decided to make each guitar special and a one of a kind instrument.
This allowed me the freedom to make each guitar special and unique .  Taking into account the the special characteristics of each piece of
I like to be a bit of a rebel and do my own thing so I decided to design my own shape and style of acoustic guitar.  My goal was to create a
comfortable guitar for me.  I like to sit around and play for hours.  Most acoustic guitars are uncomfortable after a while.  After a lot of effort I
came up with a design that is easy to lean on and didn't slide out from under me when playing.  
The result was the Model-1057 Acoustic Guitar.  Everyone who played one of my guitars kept playing.  That was what I wanted to create.
The next process was to give the guitar the volume and the presence as a full sized guitar.  This has been the most challenging.  As mentioned
earlier, every piece of wood is different and therefore has it's limitations.  The type of wood also makes a difference.  Some woods have a
harder and louder sound, some have a softer thick sound.  So I now had a solid plan for my design of an acoustic guitar.
After comparing it to everyone else s guitars I created a similar guitar to a Classical guitar with a few changes.  The hip is in a different place.  
The bracing has been changed to create a very strong sound board and I went for a 25” scale because I liked the sound it produced.

There I have it,  The Ward, Model 1057 Acoustic Guitar.

The next process was to create the theme of the Ward Guitars.
Looking in, I'm just an old country boy who loves woodworking and the pleasures it gives me to work with my hands.
Most of the guitars out there are very beautiful and while walking through a large guitar show I came to the realization that they all looked similar,
so the same.
I'm not the same as everyone, I hate the way I have to polish a guitar all the time to keep it looking good,  I want more than the same old inlays
that everyone uses.  
I like designs and unique designs at that.  I didn't want to use the same inlays that are available to everyone else.  I also like wood inlays.

So it was decided, I wanted the wood grain to pop,  I want wood inlays, I want my guitars to look natural. I want to be me!  “ That should be a
I will build a country boy style of guitar with wood inlays, the wood grain  isn't completely filled in.  Allowing the natural wood to share it's story.
I like a flat finish,  So that's my story and there is nothing more pleasing than to watch an musician play my guitars and noticing that they cant put
it down.

Mike Ward
Custom one of a kind Guitars
Greenville, Texas